5 Pillars

VETLANTA is charged in ensuring our momentum equals action and the action equals impact.  Since inception, we have held many meetings with outside organizations to discuss strategy.  From these meetings, we formulated a strategy: 5 Pillars of VETLANTA.

These 5 Pillars represent the areas of emphasis in the veterans’ community.  None alone hold up the structure and all must rely upon each other.  Each entity has their particular core competencies, and providing holistic support to our veterans and our military families requires each entity to work together.  In this spirit, and in the demonstrated spirit of VETLANTA’s chartered mission of fostering collaboration, our strategy aims to mass and align the organizational efforts of all the major elements in this ecosystem: For-Profit Employers, Non-Profit Organizations, Government Agencies, and Institutions of Higher Learning.

We look for volunteers in our membership to emerge and sign up to help us shape and build these Pillars.

Read more about the mission of each pillar and our wonderful volunteer Director leads:

Leadership Team Pillar Directors

Education – Laurel Jackson McClendon
Employment – Holly Best, Work for Warriors Georgia
Healthcare – Jackie Breitenstein, Shepherd Center and Beau Chatham, Warrior Life Services
Housing – OPEN
Business – Mark Horn, Evans Building Maintenance and Patrick Ballard, USAF (Ret.)