President’s Welcome

Thank you for stopping by our VETLANTA Website. In addition to reviewing this website, I’d like to encourage you to attend one our quarterly summits. VETLANTA is focused on making Atlanta the number one destination for veterans. Our history dates back to 2014 when John Phillips & David Wattenmaker from Coca-Cola decided to reach out to company Veteran Employee Resource Groups/Veteran Affinity Groups across the Fortune 100 companies in the greater Atlanta area to figure out what our perspective companies were doing to assist veterans. Most of us realized during the first meeting, we were onto something very special which wouldn’t end after the first meeting.

We initially discovered all of our companies were already making a positive contribution for veterans across Atlanta and the United States, however collaboration was one factor that was often missing. Through collaboration, VETLANTA was born. While we initially focused on collaboration within our Fortune 100 companies, we quickly realized a broader participant base was eager to join. In short order, we were joined by participants from small & medium companies, veteran affiliated nonprofits, government agencies, academia and transitioning veterans. Over the last several years, we’ve grown to 500+ members representing hundreds of organizations. We have a great mix of veterans and non-veterans.

We are a club operated for veteran social and business networking and community service purposes. Our purpose is to foster collaboration with the greater Atlanta community to support veteran-oriented initiatives. VETLANTA seeks to strengthen the community of Atlanta through empowering veterans, recognizing their individual and collective skills. VETLANTA will network with the greater Atlanta community to find those organizations with like-minded values who may have opportunities for veterans including businesses, academia, non-profit groups and government organizations. To maximize our impact on current efforts, VETLANTA may become involved with local volunteer opportunities in order to facilitate camaraderie and to facilitate veteran networking. When you get involved with VETLANTA, you will quickly realize collaboration is our focus. We are a club so we aren’t focused on fundraising nor are we bogged down by government red tape. I look forward to collaborating with you in person.

Lloyd D. Knight
VETLANTA President

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